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Iot, real-time data, and blockchain technologies are revolutionizing the world. We will help your business to be a part of this revolution.

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No chain, no gain

Blockchain and real-time data development

Data in Chains provides consultancy in managing real-time data and will help you develop platforms where you can turn streams of information into valuable digital assets. Whatever your source of information, our tech will effortlessly integrate it into an Ethereum Smart contract that serves your needs.

Blockchain consultation with unique expertise

We are partnered with Streamr Network AG, a Swiss based multimillion dollar open source project, to help realise the next generation of blockchain based, distributed real-time applications. That partnership means Data in Chains is uniquely positioned to service your software development and manage your needs in the field of decentralisation and P2P solutions.



Streamr is building the world’s leading marketplace for real-time data. Streamr believes that creating a platform to trade the world’s information will benefit everyone. Companies will be able to better build and market their products in the Internet of Things (IoT). People will regain control of the data they produce. And society as a whole will be better off when the value in the data is not concentrated in the hands of a few giant companies.

Streamr is aimed to create a truly decentralised platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Their marketplace users will be able to interact over a robust and resilient P2P network without middlemen taking a cut. With data permissioning and value transfer built in the distributed ledger, we are enabling a data economy where real-time information can be securely traded by machines and connected devices.

Today Streamr already provides users with a scalable off-chain processing engine for streaming analytics and data refinement, With their powerful visual editor, you can immediately start connecting data streams to build apps and microservices.



No chain,
no gain

The Data in Chains story

Back in 2011 a small group of us created an automated trading platform. We put it in a server room of one of the leading exchanges and for a year, the platform worked it’s magic. Although our efforts paid off handsomely, the experience left us unsatisfied. The world was full of real-time data sources, which our technology could help visualise and make valuable, and yet we were stuck in a stuffy stock exchange basement helping few people except ourselves.

That’s when we decided to create our own cloud based streaming analytics platform. Those first iterations were centralised but we soon realised the superiority of a decentralised approach. We partnered with a Swiss blockchain specialist, Streamr Network Ag to get a genuinely global reach. They develop the open source version of the software, service and the data network. Data in Chains provides the private installations.

Data in Chains, Finland, is one of Streamr Network Ag’s key trusted development partners. Our company’s wants to contribute to building the world’s decentralised ecosystems and bring other companies into the blockchain arena.


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