Blockchain Developers
for the internet of the future

What if Google or Facebook didn’t own your online identity? What if value in the digital age could be more fairly distributed? If you are a smart programmer who believes religiously in precision and solving impossible problems then we are building a team of blockchain developers in a decentralised world. So hang up your freelance hobbyist crypto anarchist spurs and come join a company which is building a freer, more equal internet.

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Data in Chains

Data in Chains is a Helsinki-based software development company specialising in delivering blockchain and P2P based solutions for today’s problems. The first of its kind in Finland, we are currently helping Streamr, a Swiss based pioneering blockchain company build a decentralised network for trading real-time data. Beyond product development, we also offer a range of consulting services for businesses that want to join the blockchain revolution.

We are looking to build our team from the ground up. For that we need technical geniuses and crypto visionaries to fill roles such as project managers, team leaders, consultants, developers, and researchers. We are passionate about our values and aims so if you’re interested, drop us a line. We want to hear from you.

Who are you?

You will be a pioneer, seeking to change the world for the better with code. You will revel in intellectual challenges but also enjoy nothing more than getting your hands dirty building the company you work for. You are down to earth but you also want to surf the bleeding edge of technological change. You value freedom, and fairness and believe in taking down the monopolists at the top, cutting out the man in the middle, and helping the little guy to prosper. And while the world can’t stop guessing at what blockchain technology might achieve next, working for Data in Chains, you will relish sitting in the driving seat.

Day to Day

  • You will be working as part of a team of software pioneers developing a decentralised application for a hot blockchain start-up project.
  • Your exact role and responsibilities will be custom-fit to your competencies and interests. Are you more of a mathematically oriented cryptographer or interested in developing a great web3 experience?
  • Our teams are currently located in Finland and Switzerland, so you’ll be communicating with them constantly.


  • 4+ years working experience, you’ve seen things
  • Basic understanding of Ethereum, smart contracts, and Solidity
  • Problem solving passion
  • Ability to travel once a month to Switzerland
  • Excellent English and communication skills

We Appreciate Experience in

  • P2P networking and related protocols
  • Distributed systems
  • Cryptography, Security
  • Always-on systems
  • Java, JVM, Grails, Spring
  • React, Redux, Javascript (ES6), node.js, Flow, Enzyme, webpack
  • Cassandra, Kafka, Zookeeper, Redis, “big data” stuff
  • Docker, Jenkins, Selenium, Geb, Test automation
  • Go, Rust

Ready? Set? Send your English CV and cover letter to We look forward to amassing brain power with you.